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  1. Kentucky Weather

From the recording Bar Band

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First you're hot then your cold
You're rain then you're snow
A torrential downpour
Followed by a warm summer breeze
Yeah you're up then your down
High off the ground
A tornado warning
Oh, you come down if you please

You change your mind
Like the Kentucky Weather
Oh, nothing feels better to me
You're never the same
No, the weather man ain't to blame
We're two cardinals of one feather
And you change your mind
Like Kentucky Weather

You're here then you're gone
You're dusk then you're dawn
You're the calm before the storm
That never leaves
You're the chill in my spine
You're the dangerous wine
One sip of you and I lose all control


You say you're crazy
But I say baby
You've never felt
More like home to me